"...So, even though I paid Greg Heritage for his services as a criminal defense lawyer I still feel I am indebted to him for his hard work and professionalism towards my case. As a lawyer who was incredibly genuine and optimistic from the get go, my first impression was a good one. I would without a doubt and have referred people to him in all confidence that they would receive the same kind of hard work that I received. I hope my five star rating speaks for itself and also pays more homage to the Heritage Law Firm."  Kel C.

"...He is a really great lawyer who brings big city experience.  I was able to trust him with our case and he didn't let us down."  Joe D.

"I would highly recommend Heritage Law Firm. I really appreciated his attention to my case and my families needs. I was kept informed every step of the way and even given copies of all communication with the other party in my case. I was very impressed with how he was proactive in resolving the case, and didn't wait on court dates or on the other side to make a move. He is hard working from the very start, again, I highly recommend him for anyone needing an attorney."  J.C.

"If you visit Mr. Heritage and gain an impression from him, as I have, you will certainly agree with my high opinion of his character and professional ability. Trust is the key concept for anyone contemplating hiring an attorney. Before, during and after engaging                Mr. Heritage's services, from him you'll witness an ever present attitude of genuine concern for you and the legal issues you bring to his door. Greg will focus his every attention on solving your problem in a skillful manner according to the ethical legal standards of his profession. Very simply put, Greg Heritage is a person you can trust."  J.R.

"Mr. Heritage's knowledge base and his ability to guide me through the divorce process during the single most painful time in my life were beyond reproach. He answered all of my questions quickly and clearly. His recommendations and rationales were always stated in a way that I could understand easily in non-legalese language. And when we disagreed on a particular point, he always managed to reach a compromise that put my mind at ease and supported my wish to secure the best future possible for my children. As a retired Army Officer, Mr. Heritage is well versed in the challenges and unique legal nuances associated with all aspects of military life and requirements. He always made me feel as if my case was his top priority. He has my highest endorsement and recommendation." J.H.

"Mr. Heritage is a superb example of an honest and professional lawyer. He did a stellar job representing me. He was very helpful and worked tirelessly to ensure that I was taken care of. The one thing that was most impressive was his ethical and professional attitude.  He represented the facts and pursued a fair and equitable outcome. I would recommend Mr. Heritage to anyone seeking a lawyer.  Outstanding experience" G.C.

"Mr. Heritage didn't make any promises that he couldn't keep and we appreciated his honesty. We were unsure how the judge would rule but we knew we had a wonderful lawyer leading us through this process which we never expected to be in. To put it bluntly we had heard he was great from a close friend but after meeting him we thought even higher of him. If you want someone who leads with his integrity then you have found the man for the job."  J.G.


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