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Administrative License Revocation

If a driver fails a chemical test (has a test result of .08% or greater) or refuses to take a chemical test, the law enforcement officer will seize the driver's license and give the driver a Notice and Order of Revocation.  This Notice serves as a temporary license for 7 days.  Within 7 days, a request for administrative review must be made in writing.

Mandatory Minimum Penalties, First Offense
72 consecutive hours in jail (It is possible to apply and qualify for ankle monitor)
$1500 fine
6 months ignition interlock device
$330 cost of imprisonment (Unless qualified for ankle monitor)
90 days license revocation

Initial Review of Datamaster

  • Chemical test within 4 hours after operating vehicle
  • 210 liters of person's breath
  • No radio interference with datamaster breath test    
  • 15 minute observation period prior to executing breath test
  • No medical issues interfering with test    
  • Datamaster maintenance schedule
  • Datamaster calibration schedule
  • Datamaster inspection schedule
  • Datamaster repair records

Initial Review of Field Sobriety Test

  • Ground is flat, smooth and clear of objects
  • Area is well lit
  • Traffic conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • No interference from clothes or shoes
  • Medical disabilities and limitations
  • Medications

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)/ Operating Under the Influence (OUI)

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