• Not Guilty Jury Verdicts for Serious Felony Charges
  • Resolved Hundreds of Criminal Cases as a District Attorney
  • Executed Trials or Resolved Hundreds of Criminal Cases as a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney and as an Alaska Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Litigated and Resolved the Most Serious Sexual Assault Felony Cases
  • Prosecuted and Defended DUI/OUI Cases


  • Trial Award of $698,035 in Contract Dispute Case
  • Settlement of $105,000 in Breach of Covenants Case    
  • Litigated and Resolved more than 55 Complex Breach of Contract Cases through Trials, Arbitrations and Negotiations


  • Resolved DUI/OUI Cases to Protect Military Careers
  • Prevailed and the Veterans Administration Awarded Retirement Benefits to the Widow of a World War II Veteran
  • Prevailed and the Air Force Discharge Review Board Upgraded the Discharge of an Airman with a Bad Conduct Discharge
  • Executed Trials or Resolved more than 200 Family Law Cases  
  • Litigated and had Charges Dismissed for Numerous Military Soldiers to Protect and Save their Military Careers 


  • $58,000 Award in Assault and Battery Case
  • Defended Insurance Company against Personal Injury Claims 
  • Litigated and Resolved Automobile Accident Cases and obtained Significant Settlement Payments


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